Come be our colleague!


Postdoctoral Scholar 

Postdoctoral scholar positions are available in the Chung lab at the Department of Chemistry, Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, Colorado. The postdoc will have an opportunity to participate in and lead ongoing projects in quantitative membrane microscopy and spectroscopy funded by NIH and NSF. Please email Jean at your CV to make inquiries. 

Eligibility Requirements
  • Ph.D. in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, or a related field.
  • Experiences in any of the following: fluorescence microscopy, optical spectroscopy, hands-on molecular biology or biochemistry laboratory experiences, modeling reaction kinetics, lipid membrane fabrication and characterization. 
  • Interest in learning advanced fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy techniques.
  • Interest in physical characterization of biochemical reactions in and on lipid membranes.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work in teams.

Graduate Researcher

We accept graduate students from chemistry and other departments at Colorado State University. Prospective graduate students should first gain admissions and complete rotations according to the requirements of the program. Please contact Jean ( at any point if you are interested in joining the group.

Undergraduate Researcher

Are you a CSU student who wants hands-on research experiences? Are you interested in understanding how living things are held together using what you’ve learned in chemistry and physics classes? Do you want to work with other scientists in a collaborative environment, gain expertise in lab techniques, and maybe even publish peer-reviewed papers?  This lab may be right for you! You will learn quantitative molecular biology laboratory techniques including: fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, PCR, cloning, bacterial protein expression and purification. At least 10 hours/week commitment is required. After a successful semester, there will be opportunities for paid summer research positions. Please contact Jean ( to make inquiries.